Recently I was honored to have the opportunity to work toward being approved to teach Ron Jeffries’ and Chet Hendrickson’s Agile Developer Skills course. I had my first opportunity to co-teach the class last week.┬áIt was a great class and I very much enjoyed working along side Chet and Cheezy, two software craftsmen I respect highly.

If you follow the links above, you’ll notice a theme and, though it’s not explicit in the class’ title, Extreme Programming is a significant influencing factor in the course content. Like most software developers, XP has had a major positive impact on my pursuit of the craft, and it’s great to see the practices hold up so well over time.

The ADS course utilizes some lecture, but it is primarily a hands-on workshop giving participants the opportunity to experience developing high-quality, working software using Agile principles and practices. This is the second time I have experienced the class (the first time was as a participant back in May) and it has remained an intense, thoroughly enjoyable way to either learn the practices for the first time or to delve deeper into Agile. I find it hard to believe that anyone could leave the course without learning a great deal. It is both challenging and insightful.

I think my favorite part of the class are the questions and how they help shape and guide the content. That feedback is crucial to the success of the course (maybe any course) and, as an instructor, I find the questions leave me thinking about these principles long after the class is over.

Next time, I’ll share a couple of the questions and some of those thoughts. For now, though, I encourage you to take a look at Agile Skills Network and consider taking the course. Regardless of where you are in your software craftsman journey, the ADS course will encourage you to push further down the path!