No Laptop: end of Week 1

It has been an interesting week. On Monday I thought I had made a serious mistake. That was rescued by Android’s excellent support of an external keyboard. However, Android is not without its warts.

I spent several hours configuring things on Android to get everything to work the way I expected. The last problem was the Escape key, which was used to approximate Android’s “Back” button. This was great until I was in a shell session, running vim and needed the Escape key to take me out of Insert Mode. I spent some time installing and configuring “External Keyboard Helper Pro” so that I could use the Ctrl and Escape keys as needed in a terminal session. I’m using Connectbot on Android which seems to work well, but it is fugly!

I could spend another several hours trying to setup a better color scheme, but that’s hard to swallow when iSSH on my iPad Mini looks gorgeous out of the box.

That’s the light color scheme. The dark color scheme doesn’t look bad either. I’ll likely switch between the two occasionally, depending on my mood… or something. In any case, my first “git push” was from the Nexus 7. That’s hardly a compelling use case, but it’s a start.

So I consider week one a success! My one crutch was bringing both my iPad Mini and Nexus 7, just in case using one of them ended up being an absolute disaster. I will take no such precaution next week; only one will accompany me on next week’s business trip.

But which one should it be?!


  1. I have escape mapped to jj on my keyboard. It’s very rare that you intentionally need to type ‘jj’ and it means that you can keep your fingers in the right places (escape is so far away ;-) )

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